About us

WCS Field Service includes several complementary solutions to facilitate the execution and management of field interventions. All modules can be deployed independently or integrated to form a comprehensive turnkey solution. Thanks to the integration services offered by WCS Europe, WCS Field Service enables companies to build a customized solution tailored to their needs.

WCS Europe is an agile company, able to adapt very quickly to each customer’s environment. Our team has many years’ experience in sales and marketing development, new technologies and new uses. We establish a real dialogue with your teams and work alongside you on the various processes impacted by your company’s digital transformation. Your profession guides our approach, which is based on a genuine partnership built over the long term.

We master every facet of the solutions included in WCS Field Service. We integrate them with your business tools and applications, ERP and CRM. We also develop custom middleware and application modules. Our engineers hold numerous certifications, and we constantly invest in training our technical staff to maintain and develop their know-how and expertise.

We make every effort to keep our solutions up and running. Access to support is included in the price of licenses, and we maintain a close relationship with our customers. Our engineers and technicians speak your language and are available during working hours. If necessary, an on-call service can be set up. Our product experts are always on hand to advise, guide and support you.

WCS Field Service

WCS Europe also offers customized solutions and integrations. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us