WCS Field Service transforms raw data collected in the field into presented data. The solution generates customized reports, adapted to the company’s activity and the context of its interventions. For example, the data collected can be used to generate and fill in CERFA-type forms.

At the end of an intervention, data collected in forms with the WCS Field Service mobile solution is automatically transmitted to the report generator and used to fill in pre-formatted document templates. The final document is then e-mailed to the various recipients. Broadcasting can be instantaneous or scheduled. It is also possible to distribute reports to a storage space.

The WCS Field Service report generator can also be integrated with other solutions on the market (Salesforce, Google Forms, etc.).


The multi-user interface is suitable for all types of terminal, allowing you to manage report templates and users, and monitor the smooth transmission of reports.

The home page features an activity dashboard and a graph showing the number of reports generated. The latest successful and failed executions are also detailed on this page. A button allows you to restart failed executions.


  • Fully customized reports
  • Choice of report format (Word, Excel, PDF…)
  • Instant or delayed e-mail transmission of reports
  • Shipping history
  • Saving reports in a storage space
  • Bulk download of reports
  • Multi-user cloud solution
  • Connection authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Multilingual operating and administration console
    • Model management
    • Recipient and storage location management
    • User management (rights, etc.)
    • Dashboard, performance monitoring

WCS Field Service

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