WCS Field Service makes data entry easy. From simple text entry fields, to recording GPS coordinates of a location, taking photos and capturing signatures on forms, WCS Field Service is capable of retrieving any data from intelligent forms specific to the nature of the intervention, processing it and integrating it into the company’s IT environment (FSM, CRM, ERP, etc.).). Sketch, checkbox, time-stamped fields, writing via voice dictation, geolocation, audio recording, barcode and QR code reading, etc.


WCS Field Service can fill in form fields based on the data entered. Enter a customer’s name, for example, and the address is auto-completed. Conditional logic can also be used to build dynamic forms: a ticked box leads to new questions, an answer cancels others, and so on. Context-sensitive scenarios can be implemented and used to build customized workflows.

The forms are also pre-filled according to the context: customer contact details, nature of the intervention, references of the equipment installed…

By simplifying data collection and eliminating double data entry, WCS Field Service reduces the risk of error, facilitates the work of field and administrative staff, cuts service turnaround times and improves the experience of both customers and employees.


The WCS Field Service mobile solution has been designed for use in the field. Compatible with all mobile devices on the market (tablets, smartphones, ruggedized terminals, etc.), WCS Field Service works in iOS and Android environments.

WCS Field Service also works offline. Even when offline, forms remain available for you to complete. The data collected can then be shared in real or delayed time with applications and stakeholders.


  • Forms generator for establishing connections to back-office applications, defining distribution workflows and distributing forms to field staff
    • Managing large data sources in drop-down menus
    • Mass editing tools, updating hundreds of items with a single click
    • Advanced form versioning and change management
    • Distribution of pre-filled forms, imposition of norms and standards
  • Mobile application synchronized with the latest versions of forms to share data entered in real time with the back office
    • Intelligent, dynamic forms that adapt to user input (conditional logic)
    • Automatic calculations in form sections, values, durations, date/time
    • Tabular views, footer aggregations, calculated totals for easy revision
  • Point-and-click tools for configuring data distribution rules and defining where, when and how field data is shared and stored, and for creating fully customized workflows and documents
    • Multi-stage workflows and conditional routing
    • Editing forms and tracking changes
    • Automatic creation and sharing of personalized documents
  • Customizable interface

WCS Field Service

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