Optimize your teams' productivity with WCS Field Service

Advanced planning, simplified execution, analysis and integration with your business tools.

WCS Field Service is a modular cloud solution for :

  • Plan field operations and manage human and material resources
  • Collect all types of data in context-sensitive forms
  • Integrate and interface data with corporate applications and IT environments
  • Exploit data with customized reports
  • Analyze business with customizable dashboards
  • And much more…

Increasingly distributed environments and increasingly sophisticated equipment make intervention more complex. Safety, the environment and other forms of compliance are also evolving. Just like the processes and requirements of customers themselves.

All this requires even greater automation of field operations.

WCS Field Service is a low-code solution. No computer development skills are required. The creation of forms and the management of processes can thus be entrusted to people who have a thorough understanding of the company’s businesses and the way work is organized in the field.

WCS Field Service integrates with leading field service management (FSM) solutions, as well as multiple enterprise management systems (CRM, ERP, etc.), enabling the implementation of 100% digital workflows.


You would like to :

  • Planning interventions
  • Optimizing travel
  • Manage priorities and human and material resources
  • Monitor progress in real time


You would like to :

  • Collect and transmit any type of data in real time with electronic forms adapted to your business
  • Reduce response times and improve customer and employee experience
  • Facilitating the work of field staff
  • Lighten the workload of administrative staff and reduce the risk of errors


You would like to :

  • Generate customized intervention reports tailored to your activity
  • Customize intervention reports according to recipient
  • Automate transmission of intervention reports


You would like to :

  • Quickly and easily create interactive dashboards to consolidate, visualize and analyze all the data you need to manage your business.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track field team productivity, improve quality control and monitor compliance levels
  • Optimize processes by quickly identifying opportunities for improvement

    Market-leading solution

    Rated 4.7 in the low-code application development category

    200+ reviews, with an average rating of 4.6

    Named “Leader” in Professional Automated Mobile Forms

    They trust us

    “Since I’ve been using WCS Field Service, especially the CERFA slip management section, I’ve saved a lot of time in my day. Given the number of interventions I carry out each year, I can’t do without this application.”

    Denis De Azevedo

    Manager, Soofle

    My experience with the solution has been very positive. The tool itself is very easy to use, making it easy to implement rapid modifications and pilot programs.”

    Kenneth Bohn

    US Digitalization Support Analyst, Shell

    This amazing solution enables us to collect various field data, feed it into our corporate EH&S and Asset Management systems, saving a lot of time and effort. The forms are easy to build and intuitive to use. It’s a really well thought-out and designed product.”

    Oleksi Golovtchenko

    Sr. Air Compliance Specialist, Encana

    The solution has been a pleasant experience for our needs within the Amtrak customer service dept.”

    Lamonte Turner

    Customer Service Quality Supervisor, Amtrak

    “The solution has the capability to revolutionize how you collect information in the field and use it to jump start internal processes.”

    Jon Barr

    Head of IT - Americas, KONE

    Our 640+ end-users are very pleased with the solution, and we’ve created many efficiencies that we did not have with paper audits. Performing audits is now a very simple process using the application on the terminal.”

    Tim Thompson

    Passenger Safety Service Operations Director, KONE

    Our technicians use this maintenance solution to carry out their safety tasks. Thanks to this solution, we have performance indicators and provide customized dashboards for each of our customers.”

    Olivier Fortun

    Manager, Bédier

    We began with Safety audits and reporting and are now expanding into the area of Quality audits and beyond. This implementation and expansion have not only made us a more cutting-edge company in the realm of Safety, but our endeavors have also begun to be noticed by our sister divisions within our company as well as being looked at as part of a possible solution for other area projects.”

    Jeanne Butz


    WCS Field Service

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